Time to catch up with today’s hearing. I worked too much today to watch at the time. There was a hearing today, yes?

No, sorry. This update just in: I need to feed the cat instead. Which cat? All of them.

Now watching today’s hearing, and they’re coming out swinging from the start.

I don’t remember much of anything other than politics and doomscrolling from the election to Jan 6. :sweat:

It is a tenet of this guy’s faith that the US Constitution is divinely inspired. Well. Okay. Weird, but I guess I’m happy that this moved him to do his duty by it and not steal an election for the former POTUS.

Bowers is a character, all right. I am enjoying his testimony.


He’s a big admirer of Ronald Reagan. Great. Okay. The old-fashioned sort of person I disagree with about nearly every political question. A relief, really.

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