So, as you probably, don’t recall, my daily driver keyboard for the last month has been the OLKB + Drop Preonic.

This is an ortholinear layout keyboard. The keys are in a 5 x 12 grid, and the rows are not offset the way they are in most keyboard.

Typing on it was straight-up weird for about two weeks.

The more difficult adjustment has been learning to use the raise & lower bucky-bits keys to access punctuation that are normally on keys not present on this keyboard. Things people don’t type often. You know, unimportant punctuation like -_=+[{}]\|

(Insert meme gif of every programmer reading this reacting.)

Anyway, I can finally now type all those characters without looking them up, and I’m almost fast at typing the brackets.

What has kept me going through this adaptation phase is the switches I put in this. The switches are amazing. I love them. I love the way they feel under my fingers. I love the way they sound in this keyboard.

The physical experience of pressing a key is pleasing.

The switches are Everglide Aqua Kings. This is a linear switch with factory lube. I’m a convert. Team Linear here we go! (A duckduckgo search will turn up a vendor near you. They’re available.)

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