Refresh your memory, if necessary, with the original:

It was hard to escape during that time of the 70s if you were listening to the radio, which is how we olds listened to music in the ancient times.

The Knack was not quite a one-hit wonder, but they were a sort of one-album wonder. They were a very tight band live, to be sure.

Okay, that’s enough of the original performers for now. Let’s look on Youtube, where… every wedding cover band in existence has played it and put up a bad recording of their carefully faithful performance.

Okay, let’s look again.

Okay HERE we go!

Luca Stricagnoli, fingerstyle guitar.

I did not expect this, yet I am delighted to experience it!

Royal Blood, live. I really didn’t like this treatment. The drummer has it, but the fuzzed-up bass did not work for me. Also, where did the groove go?

Some guy from Bon Jovi & the Drills. Here a skilled guitarist is not faithfully reproducing the solo (because he can’t remember it) but instead playing his own thing influenced by the original. I enjoyed this.

Here’s another live-in-a-studio cover which does its own thing with the solo.

Beginning to think that the covers are made or broken by that hook. I would have preferred if this drummer had played less. Or something. They feel unlocked somehow.

I mean, this band is locked in and all in all I had a better time listening to them:

Here’s a band throwing that groove out entirely in exchange for a very different thing going on with a dirty guitar. I wish the whole performance were here.

Hat’s Effects does a duo take with a bluesy guitar. This is a very White-Stripes-y experience. They don’t do the guitar solo.

Here’s a metal band flirting with turntablism or something. I’m not sure what they’re trying to say. If anything. Not that this song ever says anything other than ‘me so horny’.

So far the only cover I feel has enriched my life is the Luca Stricagnoli take. I could listen to more of that, holy shit.

So let us conclude with The Knack live, many years later, remaining a tight live band:

Thank you for joining me on this episode of yootoob cover songs!


I regret to inform you all that I missed a notable cover of "My Sharona" in this thread. I give you... Steve'n'Seagulls!

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