We spent our weekend playing the beta of MMORPG “New World”. It wasn’t entirely bug-free.

This is what that screen SHOULD look like, except, well, this character has literally never even equipped a musket.

The landscapes are fantastic. (Pity about the typical busy MMO hud overlaying them most of the time.)

This game definitely gives me the feeling of being in a specific *place*.


What’s the gameplay like? Well, it’s a fantasy-ish MMO. You mine stuff, milk cows, talk to NPCs obsessed with fishing, the usual.

I fell asleep last night before reviewing the actual gameplay of New World.

We’ve been diligently filling out feedback surveys after every play session, probably fruitlessly because they’re supposed to release at the end of August. If they intend to keep that date, they’ve got a month of intense bug-fixing to do, and zero time for gameplay work.

I enjoy playing “what are the ways to have That Bug?” about bugs I see in software around me. I’m probably totally wrong about what THAT software was that bug, since I know nothing about how it was implemented, but it amuses me.

How do you have those two achievement display bugs? Are they shallow or deep bugs? What do they say about the client/server interactions? Are two teams who are supposed to talk to each other not talking enough?

Anyway. New World has the bones of a great game. Like most (all?) MMOs at first release, it’s not that game yet.

What is this game? It’s a 3-faction PVP territory control mmo (shades of DAoC!), a city-builder in which guilds manage the development of cities, a deep gathering & crafting open world game, and a PVE questing game.

We ignored the PVP entirely. It seems end-game.

The UX is by turns great (the inventory management, the map) and maddening (quest tracking, other aspects of the map, chat). There are extensive data mismatch errors between client and server that make me raise my eyebrow.

There’s a lot of data to track in an MMO interface, ya know?

Here’s a fun bug! The map tries to show you the level of crafting workstations in cities. The levels shown are sometimes totally wrong, but when they’re nearly right, they’re shown as 1 level lower than they are. 0-based indexing claims another victim!

Aha, I did screenshot the map. A guild named “Fart” controlled a lot of territory on our server. This is why I play MMOs on RP servers if they exist.

There are places where New World is disappointing not because it failed, but because the state of the art in MMOs is advanced and you have to do a lot of work just to tick the expected boxes.

The character creator, for instance. Ugh. This? in 2021? ESO’s from 2014 is better!

@ceejbot idea: MMO where a guild called "Fart" is entirely lore-friendly

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