Massive rewrite project update: We have started to write Rust in earnest. The days feel very successful and productive, though exhausting.

We have, in small slack bot side projects. done experimental work with web server frameworks Tide and Warp. Tide is not ready for production use (they say so, to be fair) and we’ve moved on from it.


Warp enraged me as I thrashed around trying to find some kind of introductory concepts doc, but eventually I read enough examples that it made sense. I was pleased with the results and forgave it.

It’s refreshingly different.


I remain unsure I want to hand Warp to the rest of the team. It requires spending novelty points that tbh we have already spent by choosing Rust. I’m willing to try it, though, depending on what we learn next.


Next up: and actix-web, in either order. These both have good docs and a more standard approach to API design, so they’ll spend fewer novelty points. I think Rocket in particular will feel very familiar to everybody.



Decisions, decisions! This decision is NOT earth-shattering. We could write this project with any of the above and have technically satisfactory results. I’m thinking about team happiness here as I poke at the choices. Ergonomics.


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