Dear people who know far more about .NET than I do:
is it POSSIBLE for me to work on my Mac laptop or am I going to have to use Windows? End goal is .NET Core on Linux, no Windows in sight if we can manage it.

Shove me gently in the right direction. ty.


.NET Core is completely multiplatform and can work with it in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Being specific about the Mac tooling: There exists Visual Studio for Mac

If you don't want something that heavy/complicated/featureful, there's VS Code, which also integrates well in the .NET Core ecosystem.

VS Code and many other editors use OmniSharp under the hood for .NET Core integration. You can see here a glimpse of the available integrations for it:

All this is assuming that what you want to do doesn't depend on a Windows-only lib like WinForms or something like that.

If your target is backend development for web or CLI tooling, you'll be good without needing a Windows machine at all.
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