Rewrite project report, day 8:

Started the morning by meeting with the colleague who’d made a run at porting to .NET Core earlier. He got as far as making it compile! Sadly, the work was lost: he felt he had no way to test it so he gave up.

This made me sad, and then I was happy again because WE CAN SPIN UP FULL WORKING CLUSTERS with a very small bash script that runs terraform, so we can test anything.

If you consider functional tests good enough. Which, well, yes, nothing will save us from having to write tests.


The other piece of advice our colleague gave us was to do the first parts of the work on Windows, because VS is better on Windows. So Chris sacrificed his afternoon to making his Mac dual-boot.

You can read his timeline over at @isntitvacant to see how that went.

I’ll be using my gaming PC, which is very nicely beefy and might as well be put to useful work since I’m home all day anyway.

And that was all we accomplished today. Some days are just like that.

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