Briefly interrupting my social distancing playthrough to install CGO and reshuffle my combat mods…

Interrupting my Social Distancing 2020 playthrough to say that YES Bleak Fall Barrows Revisited makes this oft-run dungeon surprising again.

My dungeon interiors are *still* too bright though.

Ugh I am really enjoying this set of mods for this play through. ❤️❤️

Two nights of - the social distancing playthrough saw me start off in Bleak Falls Barrow, which is longer, more maze-like, and more of an early-game challenge with the mod I’m running

Some parts are familiar, though: the dragon claw door!

Back in Riverwood, I give the claw back to Lucan and his sister. I found a flute in the dungeon so I am able to play for my supper and a bed for the night.

The next day it’s clear weather: time to make my way to Whiterun. I meet the astonishingly mobile courier along the way. I also stop in at Honningbrew Meadery.

Whiterun! I am a follower of Kynareth in this playthrough, so I stop in at her temple. And then I go to meet Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and warn him about dragons.

There’s definitely something going on over at that watchtower.

Yup, a dargon [sic]! Something weird happens when I kill it.

Night has fallen. Time to take shelter in Whiterun and figure out where this Throat of the World place is tomorrow.

I spend the night in the Bannered Mare, which is off the chain busy with people *not* engaging in social distancing. (I think Lively Inns & Taverns is a little TOO lively here.)

The next morning also dawns clear and sunny. My mood is only slightly dampened by meeting Nazeem.

Skyrim has a lot of cats in it. Some of them talk.

It’s not all fun and games at White River Watch. I had to set some people on fire and them hit them with a big sword to get them to leave me alone. But it is appropriately dark in here.

So yes anyway, at the end of White River Watch there was a big baddie but I’m afraid I put an arrow through him before he knew I was there. I am a spellblade in this playthrough: magic in the left hand, a sword with mixed grip thanks to CGO in my right.

I spent the night in a tent at the foot of the hill with the Ritual Stone. I had to kill its occupant first, but in my defense, he was a necromancer.

I found a drum in Valtheim Towers! This means I can play drums at inns now! I also found Amran’s family sword. It’s curved.

I followed the White River upstream on my way back to Whiterun. I saw some swans and ducks. I also paused to bathe. (This image is PG rated for unclothed male video game butt.)


I decided to stop in at an empty cottage I’d noticed near Whiterun. It’s nestled in some trees here. I found a key outside. It’s got all the necessities but isn’t too large.

I think I’ll move in!

I spent the night in my new cottage. In the morning I headed back to Whiterun. The nearby farm has chicks!

I saw some Alik’r soldiers being thrown out of Whiterun. They’re looking for a Redguard woman.

Braith was threatening to beat up Lars. Lars doesn’t know what to do about it. (HInt: this is how Nord women show their affection, Lars!)

Arcadia seems to be sweet on Farengar, speaking of people expression affection inappropriately.

I worked on my affinity with Kynareth. I read a book that gave me an opportunity to switch to Sheogorath, but I think I don’t like cheese THAT much.

The Battle-Borns know something about the fate of one of the Gray-Mane sons. They’re being jerks about it. I decide to help the Gray-Manes find out what happened.

I don’t like the Thalmor any more than I like racist Nords.

I earn some money by playing the drums at the Bannered Mare. I narrowly avoid getting into a drinking contest with this weird guy. Then I finish off the evening by heading back to my cottage and brewing potions for a while.

And that was my social distancing for tonight.

social distancing playthrough, last night’s session (all hashtagged for your muting needs)

It was a lovely morning on the Whiterun tundra. I climbed above the snowline to look down on it.

I had a run-in with some mudcrabs near Fort Greymoor. I also had a run-in with some bandits.

There was a very good dog at the Barleydark Farm. Also a puzzle that I don’t know how to solve yet.

There are all kinds of strange things on the tundra. I think these conjurers were killed by their own summoned skeletons.

I also found a shrine to Zenithar.

Farmboy Erik wants to become an adventurer. I convince his dad to let him go. (I gave him the money to buy armor.)

So let’s see. Malcolm started off today by taking a bath. My new contextual idles mod made Malcolm do this when he took all his armor off. (Screenshot features male butt, no other NSFW bits.)

All clean and warm and relaxed (literally, there is a buff for this), Malcolm ate some dinner in the Frostfruit Inn main room. Then he had a good night’s sleep. He left Rorickstead early in the morning to head back to Whiterun.

My timescale is half the usual (10 instead of 20), so it takes twice as long for a day to elapse in my game as it usually does. This means 10 minutes pass in-game for every 1 minute of real life.

After various adventures on the tundra, I found myself at the Silent Moons camp. I found the lunar forge! (Well, Malcolm did, but I’ll switch to RP mode now.)

Silent Moons camp had a medium-sized dungeon crawl, with bandits, mages, & draugr.

After clearing out the camp of bandits, mages, draugr, and valuables, I emerged to find night had fallen. My walk across back to the road was not without incident.

But I made it safely back to my cottage and found my cat waiting for me.

I might spend a day learning to craft better armor, and then see if I can find my way to Ivarstead. I hear the Throat of the World can be reached from there.

oh noes it’s screenshot time

all hashtagged and threaded for your muting convenience

I started by heading to Whiterun for a bath, because my cottage inexplicably does not have a bathtub, and I was visibly dirty.

bathing simulator is my attempt to fix the imbalance in the force caused by cis male gamers reworking Half Life 2 to have a nearly-naked Alyx.

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