Count votes on paper ballots. By hand.

a software professional

@ceejbot Absolutely correct.

a software professional

@ceejbot we should rename paper ballots to tamper-resistant hardware tokens

@ceejbot Elections Canada.
Currently provincial and municipal elections in my area use hand marked, machine scanned paper ballots.

In all levels an elector can be added to the rolls and vote in their poll on election day or at advance polls or at the returning office.

Electronic voter lists in Ontario, paper with paper forms in the other two.

@thatdawnperson @ceejbot I was a scrutineer during a federal election - hand marked, hand counted by representatives from all of the parties together at each poll station.

They may count it electronically afterwards and cross check, not sure.

@nev @ceejbot The fully manual process doesn’t reduce staffing requirements significantly (I’ve been DRO at all levels) and adds about 2 hours delay in reporting results ... plus the 1-2 hours of getting a busy signal reporting results in to the central office.

Élections Canada seems stodgy and behind the times but we have an excellent manual process.

@thatdawnperson @ceejbot Involving a machine at all is bad. There's no point in having them "machine counted" -- what do the scrutineers even do, then?

@meejah @ceejbot Scruitineers in Canada oversee (as auditors) the entire process, from opening the polls to final reporting. They receive counts for candidates at final tally.

@thatdawnperson @ceejbot They can't "oversee" a black-box counting machine, though. (My local city elections played with this, and it's bad. I had this same conversation with the scrutineers; they couldn't answer what they were actually doing nor could the assure me my vote was counted at all, let alone correctly).

Contrast that with physical counting: anyone can learn how to completely audit the process properly (and feel confident they've actually "overseen" the process)

@thatdawnperson @ceejbot Provincial elections are completely counted in under 2 hours. There's zero reason to use computers for counting (or, of course, for the voting itself).

@ceejbot actually, they did it even better in Iowa: they had people go to different corners of the room and counted the people. Then had them turn in paper ballots indicating those choices and cross-checked the count.

@ceejbot We do that here in Australia. The counting works pretty well. It's the idiot voters that screw up the result.

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