1. Star Wars: Fallen Order is fun.
2. I am terrible at the combat, but I presume that will change with time.
3. It’s Star Wars-y, which means that chance details of the first movie have been fetishized to the edge of absurdity.

4. The character feels like a *toy* after the hefty realism of Death Stranding. Like, I press W and I see the character slide a little bit before it walks and I sigh with disappointment. My standards for good movement have been raised.

5. But, you know, don’t let this stop you if you need a Star Wars fix before Reylo: The Trilogy Concludes.

@ceejbot the combat never really gets good. My main regret is not dropping the difficulty to story mode until I got to the last boss. Gaining more powers rarely helps; you just face tougher enemies. There are some basics to learn, but even then the control is just too janky and the combat flow too awkward to be called flow.

@gdorn :( Well, I’ll just jump around, flail my lightsaber, and explore a bunch, then.

@ceejbot that part is still fun. I enjoyed it, and the story was pretty good, too. I never did figure out if it is possible to ride the Neverending Story dragon...

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