Here's a game I want.

I want a flat-out gorgeous survival walking sim/crafting thing/base-building game. I want to wander through beautiful 3D landscapes, collect resources, build a fire, and NOT have to fight off zombies and/or fellow players.

I want Conan: Exiles without the PVP & the bugs.

I want ARK but with character models that don't make me vomit.

Does a game like this exist?

NB: I am okay with being eaten by the occasional lion in this hypothetical game.

@pgs @ceejbot That looks wonderful. Alas, I haven’t got the right OS for it.

@ceejbot also birdwatch. And track animals using scat and paw prints, just to see what they're up to.
Yes please

@ceejbot you're just describing minecraft in peaceful mode

@joshyrobot @ceejbot But ugh the pixels. I want this AND for it not to look like a Lego movie.

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