All about DNS over HTTPS, separating concerns about the protocol from concerns about centralizing it with large cloud providers:

I am disinclined to argue with this: if a centralized service has your usage data and is already in the habit of monetizing data like it, monetization is in the future.


"We’ve previously established that users do not have strong or informed opinions on the source of their DNS, so whatever happens will be decided by browser vendors, on behalf of internet users."

And this is why we need more than one browser. Recall that Google is the 90s Microsoft of the 2010s.

It doesn't matter if individual Google employees are nice people with good intentions. The corporate incentives are what matter.

If you want a little more, there's some discussion with the author over on the birdsite:

@ceejbot This is a really good article, and I appreciate the neutral position that separates DoH from DoC(loud).


different tech, preferably. browsers are too big and complicated, only big orgs can afford to make/maintain them. we need a similar platform, but one made of many smaller interoperable parts.

@ceejbot As a longtime Firefox user, I keep forgetting Chrome is even a thing. To me, there's just Firefox and things to use to download Firefox (e.g. IE).

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