I do love how Toby Esterhase comes to life when he's back in the game. He loves running his surveillance networks so much more than he liked dealing dodgy artwork.

Smiley's emotion when he recognizes the figure on the bridge! (My emotion when I observe that a) they got Patrick Stewart back for the role, and b) I can recognize Stewart as a blurry video blob.)

"George, you've got to look," says Peter Guillam, but Smiley has taken his glasses off.


Karla drops the lighter. Smiley glances down but does not move to touch it. Karla is led away.

"Come on, George, you won."

"Did I? Yes, I suppose I did."

This concludes all Le Carre live-tweeting exercises for the year 2019. You are now safe from moody Cold-War-era spy dramas.


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