I have resumed Smiley's People, and shall now engage in more obscure actor-spotting. To wit:

Oh look! It's Val Dartie's actor introducing the fact that Peter Guillam is not played by somebody else!

Okay, I shall explain this. As you might not know, Bob, I am a mondo-giant-really-quite-off-balance fan of the 1967 BBC Forsyte Saga adaptation. Soames Forsyte as played by Eric Porter can sulk on screen FOREVER as far as I'm concerned.


So I have seen it a million times and know the actors quite well, to the point where Margaret Tyzack is not the Russian scientist on the space station in 2001 to me, and she isn't Claudius's mother either.

She's Soames's sister Winifred to me, and that's that.

This is what leads me to have these moments of saying oh look it's Jonathan Burn aka Val Dartie in a bit part here!

I am a fandom of one.

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