Also I have just binge-watched like 10 videos from the ContraPoints back catalog and it remains one of my favorite things on YouTube.

You already know I like Rick Beato's "Everything Music" channel. Want to learn about music theory, production, songwriting, and more from an endlessly enthusiastic expert? OH BOY.

Folding Ideas is about "deconstructing the craft of visual narrative" which is sort of like Rick Beato but for film instead of music. His three-video "Lukewarm Defense of 50 Shades" series is so great.

My kitten Oswin and I have been watching a lot of Paul Dinning's bird & wildlife videos together. She loves them. Well, she watches & attacks the screen. I try to do something else while she does this.


Let's get back to film! I love Jenny Nicholson's extremely smart analyses of films, which are made easy to watch by a charming stream-of-consciousness vid style that makes you think she's just chatting at you.

Want more critical theory stuff? Lindsay Ellis has got you. The multi-part look at how the Hobbit movies turned out the way they turned out was my lure into watching more.

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