"Google bosses have tried to contain the anger by shutting down employee access to documents about the China search engine. Following leaks from an all-hands staff meeting last month, sources said, the company has tightened rules so that employees working remotely can no longer view a livestream of the meetings on their own computers — they can only watch them inside a designated room at a Google office overseen by managers."

yeah that'll work

@ceejbot "Lets just keep it secret so that nobody will ever know." #FamousLastWords


> In early August, Poulson raised concerns with his managers at Google

In the olden days they claimed that there were no managers at Google, only engineers.

@bob Hasn't been true for ages, AFAIK. See also: Github.

@ceejbot Google employees getting upset over this kind of shit is pretty rich considering what they do everywhere else. I guess its only bad if they are working for the Chinese government lol.
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