Just caught up on some fractured shard of the Wil Wheaton story.

- 60 reports/day are enough to overwhelm a volunteer admin
- dogpiling can be effective even when coped with by paid staff, historical tracking & analysis, carefully-written policies (see birdsite gamergaters & terfs)z
- the dogpile technique is therefore more effective here
- it's just proven its effectiveness against a celebrity target

Expect a lot more of it. 1/2

The only defense is the stubbornness of individual volunteer administrators.

The worst speech is therefore going to continue to drive out desirable speech here. 2/2


Well, that was depressing. This is the only viable replacement for Twitter we've got at the moment.

@ceejbot I'm hoping this can serve as a learning experience. I admit my faith in Mastodon is a bit shaken as well.

@nolan @ceejbot Just means the moderation tools aren't quite there yet. That's where open-source shines. Now we can improve this for all.

@nolan @ceejbot
Technical architecture decisions (decentralisation, federation, etc.) will never solve what are - fundamentally - human social problems.

@nolan @ceejbot
That's not to say decentralised/federated systems aren't/won't be/can't be better than centralised systems, but I've seen people rely WAY too much on the architecture and start to believe it will solve every problem. See also: blockchain ALL the things.

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