“Ideas that created the future” is a fantastic collection of papers-with-helpful-introductions and I commend it to your attention. mitpress.mit.edu/books/ideas-c

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So this @Porsche delivery thinks I’m going to move so they can unload in the @DesplainesBkLn They are wrong. It’s a nice ass day and I got nowhere to be. @AldReilly

Erase those people. Do not argue with or mock them. They will never change and they are worth nothing. Erasing them is the opposite of what they want, so frustrate their game by erasing them.

From my vantage point of 30+ years on the Internet, and more of those years spent arguing with or mocking bad-opinion-havers than I feel good about admitting, I have this to say about that:

Me: Cats! I have some raw salmon for you!
Fezzik: You’re making me uncomfortable.
Oswin: Why are you trying to poison me?

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normalize telling friends you love them

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Just in case you need more proof that the “builders” in crypto are the lamest, dumbest people you know, they’re *excited* for this obviously bad idea named after a mechanic from World of Warcraft. twitter.com/iamjasonlevin/stat

I might have to delete Dorfromantik from my PC.

Dorfromantik is a fantastic chill puzzle game and I commend it to your attention. Soothing and satisfying at the same time. toukana.com/dorfromantik/

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Elon musk should be slang for the scent a person gives off when they’re sketchy/disappointing. “I was excited to meet his brother, but the guy had an unsettling elon musk.”

Time passes. Loss is inevitable. The art lasts… if we preserve it.

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