And another day of nearly non-stop rewrite project comes to an exhausted wind-down.

Maybe if I ate lunch my brain would work better.

Consult people with existing expertise on topics like today’s world events, she said, looking over the top of her glasses.

If I get anything done today it will be a miracle.

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NEWS: Blizzard staff put together an anonymous spreadsheet Friday to compare salaries and pay raises as part of an open revolt against low compensation. While CEO Bobby Kotick makes $40m/year, some Blizzard employees say they can't even make ends meet.

We have resumed watching PoI. Important plot point: Finch bought Bear a squeaky toy.

Inaba Churu reactions:

Mina: Hello, yes, I will be eating all of this.
Fezzik: Hello, yes, more please.
Oswin: Are you trying to poison me? No. Goodbye.

oh dear

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The "gifted kids who read a lot when young and are depressed now and can't read books" you didn't burn out on reading you just found easier ways to dissociate, now back your regular Twitter doom scroll

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Media: video games cause violence

Video gamers:

I just gave Fezzik his first taste of Inaba Churu cat treats and I may never know peace again.

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Just sent Knuth's advice on writing mathematical stuff to a student list and felt moved to retweet it more broadly.

Some favorite bits in the screenshots. 1/3

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STEP 1: Install political crony as Postmaster General

STEP 2: Sabotage the ability of the USPS to deliver mail and packages on time


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@ceejbot @dbentley Let's see, is this also the episode where Finch criticizes The Man in the Suit's suits? Yes.

I just ran across this article about their suits.

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