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We're delighted to announce that our majestic pair, Tull & Penelope, have produced their first litter at the Park.

As it's , we couldn't think of a better time to share this exciting news with you. Thanks to keeper Willemijn for these amazing 📷.

I think I have just learned what happened today.
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I present to you all, the top of Trump's crazy statement on his FBI raid as the Star Wars crawl

Okay, emerging from work now. What happened today?

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New to tech:
I’m debugging this code.

Tech Veteran;
I’m debugging this spec.

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New to tech:
Tries to disrupt incumbents.

Tech Veteran:
Tries to disrupt capitalism.

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It’s Sunday, and with all these new followers, I feel like it’s time to explain for all the newcomers how the industry really works!

I’m intrigued enough that I’m curious about the modding scene. Is it possible to write campaigns and scenarios for this? The requirements for handling the various personality types seem v interesting.

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I am very late to this realization, but I am here to say that Wildermyth is a very good game. Turn-based papercraft RPG, unique and refreshing approach to storytelling, enormous amounts of replayability. $25 US and a bargain.


Update: Fezzik eventually jumped up to my office window that looks out on the back yard, and meowed at me to come in. This is exactly what Mina-cat does when she wants to come in, so Fezzie has been learning.

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Current status: in the back yard, grilling. Nearby is escapee Fezzik, who is hiding under the deck to prevent us capturing him.

Hey! The people behind this are good, thoughtful people. Check it out.
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Hi! We're excited to announce Banchan Art, a new platform for art commissions!

It's a co-operative owned by workers and artists that raises the bar on how art commissions are done. Today, we're opening signups for the closed beta.

Sign up here: banchan.art/beta

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There's so many AMAZING reasons to sign up for Banchan Art!

* Artist and worker owned
* Secure, escrow-like payments
* Dedication to privacy
* NSFW allowed, behind secure opt in system
* 130+ countries & 80+ currencies
* no crypto, no n/ef/tees ever
* from discovery to delivery! twitter.com/BanchanArt/status/

Well, that was fun. I haven’t done an open-source project in a while and I really, really missed it.

Okay! I published a pre-1.0 release of the tool. If you are one of the people who need such a niche tool, I’d be delighted if you’d try it out and give me feedback.


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If you look at a 17-point pro-choice landslide in Kansas and decide that Democrats should adopt a moderate, evasive position of conflict avoidance on abortion, you are probably either:
-one of the dumbest people on the planet
-a highly paid Democratic consultant

Also this is the INEVITABLE result of making somebody who wants to write Rust do a whole lot of bash for important internal tooling.

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it’s very niche, but it will make these scripts easier to deal with…

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Closing in on a 1.0 release of tomato, my toml-into-bash command line tool thingie

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