I am methodically writing responses to all the lovely people who messaged me, mostly to say that we, uh, want to have our ducks in a row first, lest we throw ill-defined work at somebody.

tl;dr need website design + possibly an adorable logo
can do the html/css bits from design comp
can pay
want to give work to somebody who needs work
how to say this usefully?

Friends, I wish to write up a clear, actionable, not-a-nightmare-client requirements doc for a website design for an open-source project. (Yes, we have a $ budget.) Do any of you have examples of this for me to learn from? ty!

Working toward a 0.2.0 release of boltzmann (a js http framework, built on a solid core of well-tested dependencies, with a hopefully-useful middleware opinion). It’s docs docs docs right now. I think the code is in a very usable state.

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They are so far away from the problem that they can't even begin to appreciate someone trying to name it and solve it twitter.com/_alialkhatib/statu

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I'm excited to be one of the opening plenary talks! Come hear me describe what we did to implement chaos/resilience engineering at @honeycombio on our _stateful_ data ingest/indexing services, with less than a dozen engineers! twitter.com/nora_js/status/133

I second this message.
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This should have been obvious, but if you don’t think trans people are who they say they are, you’re not my friend. History will judge us for this moment. Pick a side and pick the right one. Trans rights are human rights.

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This is not a surprise. The fact that this, and how the vaccine works, has been communicated so poorly to the public, however, is a disgrace. Here's a quick "Explain it like I'm 5"
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Anyway... I’m officially on the market and available. If you’re looking for someone who learns quickly, cares more about quality than quantity, communicates extremely effectively, and feels that vulnerability and empathy are just as important as technical ability, hit me up...

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Steller's Sea Eagle showing off some fabulous white pantaloons.
Parque Cóndor, Otavalo, Ecuador, Feb 2020

We took some time off from Demon’s Souls and resumed controller-handoff play this evening. I killed the Armor Spider on my second shot! yay! and then I forgot I was in human form and was immediately killed by an invader! boo.

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Facebook was Caught Secretly Deleting Mark Zuckerberg's Political Awakening

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These slides from my mid-career survival talk are inspired by my time at Google. My experiences there are not unique (to me, to google, or to corporate DE&I work, really).

juliepagano.com/blog/2016/10/0 twitter.com/juliepagano/status

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acronyms for article about Timnit Gebru's experience:

ERG: employee resource group
OKR: objectives & key results
DEI: diversity, equity, & inclusion
NAUWU: nothing about us without us twitter.com/lizthegrey/status/

Oh hey, Brian Eno in the studio recording _Here Come the Warm Jets_. Full glam mode Eno making strange noises with synths, tapes, and a guitar!


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