My current theory is that Outward is way more fun to watch somebody else play than it is to play myself, but this is probably because I suck.

(This is in the “looking at possible inspirations” category!)

My paying job was utterly frustrating today, btw. Nobody’s fault, really.

Fascinating that an entire category of things exist in this editor just to help with level prototyping.

We need answers from on this. Will you or will you not wield a sword at the next debate? I am a single issue voter and this is it.

Patrisse Cullors.

Another Black Lives Matter co-founder, endorsing Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. 👍🏿

If you've ever said, "Listen to Black Women!" here's an opportunity to see for yourself if you actually meant it.

If you would like the full-size version (should clock in around 2'x3') here you go:

Solarstone’s latest podcast opens with a new mix of 7 Cities and 20 years later I am still down for that track.

The single best letter in any typeface is this one, from the Gutenberg Bible. It's an old e, but a good e.

I’m so glad Bloomberg saw the error of his ways and dropped out to throw his money into making amazing ads in support of Warren.

Exactly 5 years ago I started my journey to visit every single street in Central London. This is how London's grid emerges, using only my cycling journeys.
Here's a little story, how I did it.

I'm about to launch at ten part thread on making of . Hang on to your facemasks 0/10

Feeling my confidence grow in our approach! Automate every darn thing.

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just confirmed that the last few weeks of terraform work is, in fact, waterproof. it may even be seaworthy

Stop allowing your predominantly white male editors to delete the articles of non-men and PoCs as "not notable" simply because they haven't heard of them in their white patriarchy bubble.

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