What makes Rick Beato great? This. You know the song already. You will understand *why* you know it after watching Rick.


I think I love the song more because of this video. Wow.

This is a great example "What makes this song great?" -- It's a great song; Beato loves it; and he knows exactly why it works.

And next up this evening; Rick Beato tells us what makes "More than a feeling" great, and yes, you're now earwormed.


This WaPost story on pill-selling data & the opioid epidemic is an infuriating read. Capitalism leads here, and government is the only check we have on it.


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I've decided to become a "Pepsi Still Has a Secret Navy" truther. twitter.com/sovietvisuals/stat

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It was actually one of the very first games to have 3d morphing character customization at all. I remember being upset when one of the Elder Scrolls games beat us to market with it. twitter.com/LowPolyRobot/statu

I shall spend some evening time catching up with the Relive Apollo 11 hellsite account.


Well, that was the day that was.

Now I am home, nearly 14 hours after I left it. Oswin has helped me unlace my shoes. She is a big fan of shoe laces.

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What a beautiful obit of Justice Stevens from Linda Greenhouse. And what an anecdote. nyti.ms/32vdKZ6

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Saw Babe Ruth call his shot. Worked on the Navy team that tracked down Yamamoto. Served on the court for 35 years. What a life. twitter.com/scotusblog/status/

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Women of Twitter: do you kick ass at JavaScript and accessibility? Looking for a remote job? I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch (DMs are open) ✨

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Maddie is here to tell you that self-care is very important

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Lo-to-no dep just means you've got security vulnerabilities copy-pasta'd into each project. The Lodash update was a patch release which means it covers the widest npm install range for ^ and ~. What you're frustrated with is the security alert systems which is out of my hands 😊 twitter.com/jhlagado/status/11

Mission-driven people will put up with a hell of a lot of bullshit to accomplish the mission, is one thing I learned. Also, be very careful about the people who’ll make the money from your mission.

Ah, San Francisco! Cold, foggy, filthy, mentally ill people screaming on the sidewalk outside Caltrain while the tech professionals walk past, not looking because what’s the point of looking?

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