What’s the gameplay like? Well, it’s a fantasy-ish MMO. You mine stuff, milk cows, talk to NPCs obsessed with fishing, the usual.

This game definitely gives me the feeling of being in a specific *place*.

The landscapes are fantastic. (Pity about the typical busy MMO hud overlaying them most of the time.)

This is what that screen SHOULD look like, except, well, this character has literally never even equipped a musket.

We spent our weekend playing the beta of MMORPG “New World”. It wasn’t entirely bug-free.

The kids next door have filled their yard with soap bubbles & they’re blowing into our yard and this is FANTASTIC.

I just ran `git clone github.com/rust-lang/rust.git` . I dunno. I need a brain cookie of some kind. Let’s see.

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I see America is now doing the "majority of cases were vaccinated!!!🚨😱" story.

It's alarmist reporting, needlessly scares people, and also demonstrates an inability to do math(s).

Majority of cases being vaxxed tells us literally nothing about vaccine efficacy. Here's why: twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/statu

Answer is: the author claims Epstein offered influence and connections. Also he bilked them of their money and they were embarrassed about that.

Huh. And here I thought the part where he had an infinite supply of underaged girls for them would have been enough.

Thinking about clicking on this just so I can find out what contortions they go through to not arrive at “Epstein offered sex with lots of underaged girls” as the answer.

That feeling of handing over about five things I really wanted to do to somebody else who wants them, because there’s something else I need to work on, that I am far less interested in, but it needs to get done.

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Lead Engineer me: I’m tired of just doing tickets. I want more organizational impact and responsibility, and to tackle hard strategic and human problems!

Architect me: you know what sounds really nice right now? A ticket. You can solve a ticket

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If you work at Eidos / Square Enix DO NOT contact the NAVEX Global "whisteblowing platform" or "tip line".

NAVEX Global is another union-busting firm (also used by Amazon) and they act as a front to gauge workplace organizing and help management cover things up.

It’s Friday. Yay. It’s Friday afternoon already, double yay. I did not finish even ONE of the things I wanted to do this week. Um, yay?

Whatever happened to the Chia Ponzi currency btw? Are its victims still destroying the global disk drive supply?

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@ceejbot I refer to this concept as the NLT - Not Liftable Token.

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