What I am doing right now: debugging a problem that’s consistently corrupting my Skyrim saves.
What I would like to be doing: playing Skyrim.
What I am likely to be doing next: anything that does not involve Bethesda software.

I compiled the NCSA web server from source. For SunOS.
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Tell me when you first used the Web without giving a date.

This evening’s walk featured a spotted towhee sitting on a street name sign singing his heart out.

Also I can now recognize spotted towhees.

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You are in a British garden. In front of you is an orchard. The photographers are splitting. The storm is calming your nerves.

Achievement unlocked: first post-vax outdoor lunch and HUG! My first non-spouse hug target was the lucky (?) @timotimo

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Just to show how little Covid is here in highly-vaccinated San Francisco (71% of folks >age 12 fully vaccinated)...

In this city of 875,000, 13 hospitalized Covid pts. Avg of 11 new Covid diagnoses/d. 1 death in past 2 wks.

@UCSFHospitals (Fig), 2 pts in hosp., 0 in ICU. (1/2)

Books. Libraries.

Why I was not trapped into being what anybody else wanted me to be.

They spent money on making sure their kid had educational materials in the house. There were boxes full of SF & mystery paperbacks that I dug into and read, sometimes long before I was old enough to understand them.

My parents were dirt poor. When I was born, they lived with my father’s parents, who were also dirt poor. (Their house cost $5K when bought, and they nearly didn’t get approval from the bank to buy it, because they had so little.)


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I am a:

⚪️ man
⚪️ woman
🔘 HBO engineer

Looking for:

⚪️ a good time
⚪️ a long walk on the beach
🔘 a passing integration test

It didn’t exist at the time (technology still in development) so… Books. Libraries. Parents who bought an encyclopedia for their kids, which I read avidly.
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To everyone that went through school without the internet… how?

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Software Engineering is a team activity and comes with all of the parts of that.

Also, most of the time you’re doing a capitalism as your job so the code is a byproduct. We’re not here to produce “beautiful” or “correct” code. We’re here to generate profits. twitter.com/gurlcode/status/14

We hung up a peanut feeder this morning, further diversifying the backyard birb dining opportunities. There have been some chickadee takers already.

Followup: it was delicious, but next time I’m going to go for a crispier approach.

I have some duck breasts, I have an orange, I have some leftover white wine of no particular interest— a lunch plan presents itself.

Not commuting to an office is the best.

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As a ...
– user
I want...
– solutions built on blockchain
so that...
– seed funding

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An interesting idea came up while chatting with @darkuncle earlier:

Staff Engineers are the effective entry-level to social and executive tracks of engineering, rather than a continuation of purely technical execution.

I'm trying to work myself up to doing the Thieves Guild, but this character is a tradesman who has opinions about being asked to cook books.

I chose option I forget which letter: mod Skyrim some more.

In this playthrough my character is _nearly_ at level 50, which is pretty good. I haven't moved the main quest very far (no Thalmor party yet) & I haven't been to Markarth at all yet, which is weird.

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