Watch Dogs Legion is downloading. I will probably regret not being a patient gamer with this one, but then again, I love immersive sims and am willing to try anything with that flavor however dilute.

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stop right there. these little toads are here to cleanse your feed and bring you a crumb of joy

Republicans are Very Mad (again) about my appearance. This time they’re mad that I look good in borrowed clothes (again).

Listen, if Republicans want pointers on looking your best, I’m happy to share.

Tip #1: Drink water and don’t be racist

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It's too late to mail your ballot back. Drop off your ballot in-person at an official ballot drop box, polling location, or county elections office, wherever your state allows. Find a place to drop it off and then go do this TODAY:

Hmm. My upper back is informing me that I deadlifted yesterday.

“Technology is a thing that happens to people,” I think, as I hear the notification sounds constantly playing for the speakers in this all-company zoom meeting.

I have decided not to do anything to get my whisky habit back under control until after the election. My stress levels are bad enough.

Drinking whiskey and listening to Pod Save America. I should probably stop doing one of those at least and start playing Destiny 2.

pictures of Nixon made my life so horrible
pictures of Nixon kept me awake at night
pictures of Nixon solved my childhood traumas
pictures of Nixon helped me feel such fright
pictures of Nixon
Nixon oh Nixon

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I listened to the @sayswhopodcast recorded immediately after the 2016 election and it made me want to cry so I have no idea why I did that to myself BUT we as a collective dug ourselves out of that and into constructive action so let’s GO.

where was I? oh trying to finish this technical document

(also jesus christ, I know for a fact that het omega trope fic existed on ao3 in 2012 and GUARANTEED there’s fic older than that so none of those people invented the idea wtaf)

my pedantic fandom outrage: let me show you it

Undoubtedly that prose was utter shit, but I have read worse in pursuit of stories about my OTP.

The whole thing is a fresh entry in the long index page for fandom-related wank. The AO3 deep state is a new twist, though. Kudos. Goes on the rec list. Would request for Yuletide.

So, to be honest, I was uncomfortable with the kink-shaming in the Ellis video. I note that alpha/beta/omega fic is not my thing either, but… let us not mock the uncontrollable-emotions trope. It is old.

Oswin the smol kitteh wants something.
Does she want

- wet food
- dry food
- water from the faucet in the sink
- a belly rub
- to prevent me from getting any further work done
- all of the above ?

This is indeed a great video explainer

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If others would like to follow the drama (which is probably genuinely horrific for many of the authors involved; buy their books!), Lindsay Ellis did a better summary than the NYT.

one generally knew to avoid superwholock, but SPN fandom in general was quite a source of fic trends, some of which were intensely disturbing

Things I learned here: the omega trope has jumped from fanfic to romance; romance writers have more $ than anybody else; wtf do not mess with the happy endings.

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Been following the Omegaverse froofraw in fascination, but the latest wrinkle... I am 100% in favor of pushing genre boundaries but anyone who does so must be prepared for the consequences. I don't even romance, bro, but I know you don't fuck with the HEA/HFN. …

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