Are there any Rust-y startups out there doing ANYTHING BUT PONZI CURRENCIES or other blockchain nonsense?

Am curious.

Spent some time this morning reading about the latest bugs and well, hey, Amazon Games, if you want to hire me to fix that organization, I’ll do it for 7 figures of comp and a 2-year commitment.

And the power to fire upper management. Gonna need that.

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✨ How I learned to love build systems 📽️

In this video, I talk about my old programmable calculator, getting some darn games to run on Linux, CMake, cargo, and the ridiculous amount of code some companies have to deal with.

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Sea sheep are capable of a chemical process called kleptoplasty, in which they retain the chloroplasts from the algae they feed on.

Absorbing the chloroplasts from algae then enables them to indirectly perform photosynthesis.

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I'm hereby stepping down from reading about Jack Dorsey stepping down from the CEO role at Twitter. It's been a great journey, this morning, since I learned of his stepping down, but now I must step down having learned all I need to know. Or at least care to know. Thank you.

Well. Okay. Practical up until the keycap thing.

Hands-down this hobby was the most *practical* hobby I’ve acquired. My typing experience has been much improved, especially on that work laptop, which is the terribad generation of Intel Macbooks.

My birthday present to myself this year was a couple of keycap sets. I am now in the mode of swapping out keycaps periodically for fun.

For switches I’m still kinda stuck on Pandas on the 65% (work laptop) and BOX Whites on the gaming keyboard.

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Nature, man. I watched this red-bellied woodpecker bury a nut in the bark of a tree, then saw a red squirrel pilfer it an hour later.

Should I take the next 2 weeks off from work as my boss is demanding y/y?

Now that I put it that way...

This is the first group buy keycap set that has my full & undivided attention, because apparently I am a SUCKER for nostalgia. Also for keycap sets with Mac legends.

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After three days, I'm finally done!

comics for the Heaven Sent watchalong later on.

Happy Birthday Peter Capaldi! Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us. 💕💕🥺🥺🥺

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There have been a number of overview threads on the emerging variant designated as @PangoNetwork lineage B.1.1.529, @nextstrain clade 21K and @WHO Variant of Concern Omicron. I'm not going to attempt to be comprehensive here, but will highlight a few aspects of the data. 1/16

New keycaps on my beloved Drop ALT! Switches are still Glorious Pandas.

Pattern matching. (Assuming the basics are already there!)
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What programming language feature do you think should exist in every language?

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What programming language feature do you think should exist in every language?

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