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The tactical Christmas stocking is the funniest thing I've seen in my goddamn life

Playing Eve on my laptop while drinking spiked eggnog. Oswin-cat is keeping me company.

Feeling a lot better than I did yesterday morning lmty.

David’s texting me that they’re moving him now. Yay! I’ll have to go on a husband hunt tomorrow when I head in to visit him.

Update! David is still in the ICU. He has had step down orders all day, but there are no beds in the cardiac unit he needs to step down to. He continues to be way ahead of schedule.

I cannot express my relief.

Have escaped from the hospital to take walk & eat some lunch. Am now seated at the counter in a diner. Fuck yeah comfort food.

David will probably leave the ICU today. They are now discussing the possibility that he’ll be discharged entirely about a week earlier than planned.

Turns out he’s super-fit.

David gave me permission to post this. He has far fewer things stuck into him than he did yesterday. The Swan-Ganz heart catheter is out, for instance.

I have arrived in time to help with his first PT session!

David is sitting in a chair! The telemetry harness to his heart via his arteries has been removed! He should get out of the ICU today.

I am heading home now to feed the cats, feed myself, and curl up under a blanket,

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Look, I was going to be done with this but if you need some levity in your day today, please think of the hijinks these two could get up to together.

David: Could you scratch the left side of my head?
Me: Yup.
David: That’s the right side you moron.
Me: I have trouble telling left from right.
David: No you don’t! You always get it wrong!

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