What I love about Google Hangouts: trying to join one set up by somebody outside the company and being denied because the feature is disallowed for my domain. So I fire up another browser.

What I actually love about Hangouts: nothing.

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In the last decade, I…

- Found out my dad died
- Got mad because my mom married my uncle
- Saw my dad’s ghost
- Pretended to be insane
- Found out my BFFs were spies

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┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•) psst.
┳┻|⊂ノ Union busting is disgusting.
┻┳ Pass it on.

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When I got started, the bare 45-pound bar (20kg) was almost too much for me. I had no shoulder stability whatsoever. I had the forward-slump rounded shoulders thing all you nerds know well.

Now I can’t help but stand upright.


I am making forward progress on sheer willpower this morning.

However, I did bench 120# with ease, so there’s that. (I really should have nailed 125# imo but I lost mental focus.)

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i heard a story once about using a crystal earpiece like a stethoscope in order to debug circuitry and computers by ear.

does anyone know where i may have read about this or where i can find more information?

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Most assuredly, in 10 years, AI will eliminate the job of coding in the very same way as did compilers the last 50 years. twitter.com/KirkDBorne/status/

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"Most importantly, I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible”

— Pete Thiel, the go-between helping Trump & Zuckerberg solve the problem of democracy existing. twitter.com/oneunderscore__/st

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Data management systems continuing to add features that CouchDB has had for nearly a decade. In this TED talk, I will…

…oh wait, I *did* give this talk already:

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THURSDAY. Wake up. Breathe. Drink coffee. Focus. Clear your mind. Drink more coffee. Self-actualize. Fight oppression. Have more coffee. Leave house. You're naked. Fight a raccoon. Make peace with the raccoons. Join their nation. You're a raccoon now. Eat garbage. Drink coffee.

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The joke used to be “every sufficiently long-lived Postgres installation eventually becomes a message queue” and now it looks like we’ve reversed that in its entirely twitter.com/martinkl/status/11

Just to follow up on the feline computer assistance program, Mina did *not* offer to assist with new graphics card installation. Fezzik tried to turn the computer off, but this time missed the power button. (He usually manages to press it.) Oswin handled misplacing screws.

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