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I know lots of people in tech who are relatively unaffected by the downturn so far. This is for you: Donate right now to an antiracism organization, to a street medic org, to a legal defense fund, to a bail fund, to a local news org you trust. Double however much you’re thinking.

I suppose I’ve lost the fight if even Fripp himself decides to read this as not a song about cowardice. youtube.com/watch?v=WXErrpAHxk

I’ve also moved far beyond “let’s reform police and institute useful policy” and am now firmly into “yes but what’s the problem statement again? why this particular heavily-armed solution? how about no police at all”.

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Jk Rowling could personally fund every bail fund in the US. She could be RTing people’s emergency funds. She could be circulating important petitions.

This is what she is choosing to use her power and wealth for.

Welp. JK Rowling has decided to dig the hole as deep as possible. Sigh.

Fezzik-cat has just successfully deployed his “have the humans lost their sense of smell?” test.

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I’ve seen some questions about and the data so I want to clarify the research and intention behind the campaign. Here’s my response. (1/x)

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My dad was tortured by the Gestapo for 4 days and thrown in a concentration camp for being in the Norwegian Resistance. Growing up, he would tell me things he learned in the Resistance. I thought, I'm never going to need this stuff. Here's some things of those things

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Ok, so it probably *has to* get fixed—harmonic vibration being bad for bridges, all that—but there’s a part of me that is rooting for keeping it.

Why the hell not? It’s 2020, and San Francisco drones ominously now. Checks out. twitter.com/rjrjr/status/12691

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To every single person working in tech that has argued that selling technology to ICE is morally neutral because it's not up to us how people use the things we make: twitter.com/Cyclingnewsfeed/st

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This is especially funny when you learn the dispute is about whether DC will put up the Utah National Guard, which they haven't requested, on DC's dime. twitter.com/SenMikeLee/status/

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This tweet is an entire ride. At least it starts off with great news. twitter.com/SFist/status/12686

Portland police are gassing their citizens indiscriminately.

My ability to compartmentalize was near but not quite at breaking point today. Not sure how people of color can cope. Thinking about that makes me angry, and anger is at least energy into the system.

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@betogilardino Anthony J.:
“Engineers designed new sides for the sidewalk to help with wind resistance but didn’t take into account the EXTREME sound it creates when wind passes through it. The bridge sings crazy songs now it’s so trippy. It hurts the ears and unbearable it’s that loud.”

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