He's still an ill kitteh. We'll hear more tomorrow morning.

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On org charts: w/o them, people struggle to find who to talk to. This is especially true for new hires.

I once had a CEO that thought they were bad because a recruiter could get them and "poach"

If this scares you, you're a shit boss and also totally unaware of fucking linkedin

I first read this as commentary on the baseball team.

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Giants killed
by lightning
or thunder (personified
in the thunder-god).

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@brianarn@twitter.com @nvcexploder@twitter.com @ceejbot@twitter.com So

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@brennx0r@twitter.com @brianarn@twitter.com @nvcexploder@twitter.com @ceejbot@twitter.com Shh!

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@_jnf@twitter.com @brennx0r@twitter.com @brianarn@twitter.com @nvcexploder@twitter.com @ceejbot@twitter.com @_jnf@twitter.com @brennx0r@twitter.com I have no idea what you’re talking about, so I can only say:


Mr Bishonen the doleful had another seizure this morning & is in the cat hospital for observation, fluids, testing, and getting some calories into his body.

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Matrix 4, revisiting the Matrix after 20 years:

* early technical decisions constraining product development, performance
* unaddressed mounting technical debt
* business case unclear for investing in continuous improvement
* computronium competitive threat

Darn it. Mr Acker has a very strong point here.

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@ceejbot I thought it was an acronym: Squids, Quince, Labradors.

SQueaL <—— see? just add vowels in one place. it’s obvious. it’s easy. it’s clearly the intent.

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If you have any doubt about this, all you have to do is take a look at the replies to this thread👇🙄 twitter.com/coffeespoonie/stat

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`git checkout` has too many responsibilities. It's used for both switching branches, and for restoring individual files to a previous state.

So in git 2.23, it's being split into two distinct commands:

`git switch` & `git restore`

A welcome change 🤙


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More fun with switch statements:
1. switch(value) is compared with strict equality to cases (so "2" isn't logged)
2. all cases are evaluated *until* one of them is strictly equal... even if there is no break between cases (so "5" isn't logged even though "6" is)!

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@ceejbot@twitter.com Dang! I guess you could say you’re a “full stack” developer. 😎

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