I should write a blog post about what mods like Immersive Movement do to the experience of playing a game with a world that you move around in:


tl;dr: slower movement

The world doesn't need me to tell you how good this super-famous game is, but it's good. Such a strong sense of place. Also, depth in each of the places. The people have stories.

AC:Odyssey is a great game too, but it's shallow in the places that Skyrim is deep. It goes wide instead.

However, they really kinda might have hired more than, I dunno, 2 voice actors.

Pouring one out for all of the devs of github integrations learning the hard way today about the need for back-pressure in distributed systems.

Fry's in Palo Alto is a sad shadow of the Fry's of the 80s. It's depressing to visit it now.

IRC really stands for the International Rabbit Conspiracy, send post

What I am going to do right now is go to the gym. It is deadlift day. Let's see if I can pull my goal all the way off the floor.

But really, I should look at another modding community before I get truly highjacked.

So a short project to look at what modding communities are doing turned into a Skyrim replay with full survival game mechanics and massive graphics overhaul.

This is fine. I'd forgotten how fun the dungeon crawls are.

His life seems to have contracted to our bed, the food bowl, and some warm afternoons in sunny spots on the back deck. Oh, plus extended happy purring sessions on David's lap.

Bishonen the Terror update: his habit of peeing on my laundry has been fixed by the installation of a new ez-entry litterbox in the exact center of the house. He now walks past it every time he makes his way to the food bowl & back to his preferred sleeping spot.

Elderly cat is elderly, with reduced mobility. :(

Last night went to a murder mystery LARP party that was hilariously cheesy. I <3 my friends.

There's weirdly a theme to all the things I'm doing during my break from life/work/capitalism. I think I know what I want to build next, but... I am still in the pause before rapid action stage.

Early review of the Skyrim mod "Frostfall": turning Skyrim into a survival game was a brilliant choice. It's an amazing setting for it.

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