Oh and by the way our first Rust production service yawned its way through the day. The node service that self-immolated via `util.inspect(FourMBObject)` is one of the 3 node microservices our Rusty-boi is replacing. (Migrating to it in stages!)

Anyway. I feel good about my workplace at the moment.

We had scaling dials and we had to use them for a couple of things. They worked!

Now on the glide path down after the national weed holiday gave us the equivalent of Black Friday. We saw a node service self-destruct in a novel way, but that has been the only surprise. (Some other minor cruft that *wasn’t* a surprise happened.)

brb drenching myself in BPAL to survive the cat’s output

my god Fezzik just gassed out the entire house

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then this one is an entire Philip K. Dick story.

I have managed to refrain from stress-eating thus far. Stress-shopping resulted in purchasing Kailh BOX Jade keyboard switches, and that’s not so bad.

I wish I had a hobby like stress-deadlifting.

My current stress-shopping is for mechanical keyboard switches. I have a set of Kailh Polia tactile switches pre-ordered but what if… what if they take ages and this lonely empty hot-swappable board could have something else in it for a while?

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"This is accountability, but it's not yet justice."

— Rep. @CoriBush (D-MO) with fellow members of @TheBlackCaucus following the Chauvin verdict.

What should I stress shop for this afternoon while resolutely keeping my hands away from all code for the day?

Fezzik is pacing around the house trilling at nobody in particular. He has such a teeny tiny meow for such a huge cat.

How to choke a node process: inspect a surprising error and log the enormous result. Fun fun fun.

If we had decent transit and housing we could afford nearer to our workplaces we might feel differently, but we don’t so let’s work from home plox.
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After living in lockdown for a year-plus and dreading the return of daily traffic, many Californians are happy to keep working from home once the pandemic ends, according to a statewide study released Monday.

Story by @MeghanBobrowsky: trib.al/LamLKOH

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