I have decision-making power at my organization, @Mapbox, and I can decide to take our business elsewhere. This is the kind of behavior that leads me to do re-evaluations of external vendors.

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After our election, @Mapbox execs promised that there would be no retaliation against organizers. That was a lie.

The retaliation has already started at Mapbox. Organizers are being fired on flimsy excuses, others are being…

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This is an abhorrent attack on these workers as well as workers across tech and beyond. Retaliation is how you harm the directly impacted and try to chill others widely.

It must not stand. Shame on the Mapbox executives. twitter.com/MapboxUnion/status

The other fun trend is microservices -> lambdas where it’s sensible. I have a workflow for them now.

My current role, btw, is a tech debt tiger team of one. The important rewrite project I used to talk about is _in progress_, but in the hands of a team that owns it now.

Can an average engineering team put Rust into production practically? Hell yes. If this schlub can do it, anyone can.

Three Rust things now in production. My next task is to complete the migration away from two of the legacy node services that can now be migrated from. (One of these Rust services was designed to replace three node services, but ONE step at a TIME here.)

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wow, thank you voice memos and typing in the dark, for this message from space…to be fair, I’d rather spearhead the introduction of a plus size trans octopus program initiative than an intro plus transition/octave progression

I have reached the point of rage-rewriting things in Rust when they horrify me enough. So that’s some kind of breakthrough in mastery.

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was rereading the little prince last night and i forgot how good this part was at explaining NFTs

Part 6 will be quest mop-up as I finish off everything I can find to do on the island of Solstheim. Recording in progress as I play.

Part 5 of my Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC playthrough has finally finished processing in the yootoob hamster mines. Join this acclaimed series, watched by nobody, as I take on Miraak himself! youtu.be/IRLpsGVr7D0

Was musing with a friend last night that the era of javascript is over and has been for a bit. We target it in browsers because we must, but it’s no longer a tool in direct use. (At least in the contexts where we work. Future, uneven distribution, etc etc.)

insult-a-platform: this morning’s free service from me as I make my second cuppa

extreme development speed when nothing else matters: what node’s benefit is

It’s an extremely gruesome case, it turns out. Holy crap.

This would be exactly 30 years post my own graduation from said suburban hell, which was once upon a time quite a decent place to get an eddication. One assumes that in modern Mass, not so much any more.

OH HEY a case in my hometown showing maps I know well and video of places I once was. Hey hey Danviz, what up? youtube.com/watch?v=Qd8EH0Q_vK

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Even if it weren't a debut title, Kena: Bridge of Spirits would still be an absolute triumph for former animation studio turned game developer Ember Labs. Kena is superb, and is undoubtedly just the beginning for this studio and this franchise. My review: youtu.be/Fni84_u-es8

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