The thing you need to understand is that [redacted] is not an open source company any more than Facebook is. It’s a VC-funded company, which means it is a financial instrument.

What We Know:

- Mueller's finished a report
- The AG has it
- You don't have it
- You want to read it
- That's too bad

If you were just laid off from <redacted>, know that HashiCorp is hiring for a bunch of roles, that I like working here, and I'm happy to chat with you about any openings you're interested in applying for.

Not as horrifying as the exercise with teachers being mock-shot execution style, but WHAT. WHAT.

Why not just get rid of the guns. Why not.

This cat's attitude was 10/10.

This is bad, because it’s sloppy and it went on for a long time, but the headline is misleading. They *logged* passwords in plain text and hoarded the logs in their data warehouses. They didn’t mess up password basics.

David: Gall’s Law. All you need to worry about.
Me: [contemplates various sarcastic rejoinders, then] Did you see Hacker News discovered Gall yesterday? It was hilarious.

Nonagenarian chums . Today we are celebrating and his 97th birthday. Although his career of writer, producer, actor and even Grammy winner goes back six decades. I hope the are on standby for the lighting of the cake candles!!

Me: I’ve always been the stupidest person in the room but—
David, interrupting: You really need to get over the trauma of dating that Fields medalist 30 years ago.

only 20% into the book but super-excited & annoyed I didn’t discover it earlier so PROTIP from me to you— read this one

My current reading is Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows & I can already tell this is going to change how I analyze problems & design new systems.

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