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I end up with a lot of owning an alterations shop. In the past, I’ve sent it to quilters or donated it to crafters. I’ve have only started using it to make things with it myself in the past few years as a way to combat alterations burn-out. I find it really relaxing to just sit at the sewing machine, randomly piecing material. These are a few of the projects I’ve made in the last 6-8 months. All material (including zippers) is scrap.

My latest project. I cut random shapes from denim scrap and appliquéd them to a few layers of plastic grocery bag. Once I had a large enough piece, I decided to make this simple lined, snap closure clutch. It measures 8”x4.5” and I’m currently using it for keeping cash/receipts for my alterations shop.

The plastic worked well as padding, but it’s a little noisy. If I were to make another, I would probably have a divider inside and use a magnetic snap instead of hand sewn.

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Hey, you.

👉 You are worthy of love. 👈

Every day. Up days. Down days. In bed days. In the street days. In the gutter days. On the moon days.

👉 You are worthy of love every dang day. 👈

Yes, you.

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Please boost as a reminder to the many, many creators who design pins and flags for literally every other identity, for people who forget or don't know that we are failed by the medical system the instant we're born, and for the rest of our lives, again and again.
We go into the hospital and say we're cis or trans, because otherwise we WILL be refused treatment out of hand.
Intersex People Exist, and we have a place in pride.

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The sly little calico was known for her litters that never had identical kittens. Some looked a little similar, but they were always distinct in some way.

Efforts to catch her had so far been unsuccessful. We'd get close, usually around the time her kittens were old enough to be adopted.

Things were getting out of hand, we realized, as the kittens became even more unique. Wings of all sorts, horns, the ability to walk through walls...

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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I had resisted when the demon had expressed desire in possessing me in order to torture my mind and body.

Eventually I failed and months later I was mentally exhausted, sore beyond anything I had experienced before...

But my finances were balanced, my appointments had all been made, and I'd been exercising.

"That was torture? I mean my muscles ache, but..."

"You can't cancel your appointments."

"Wait, no! Possess me again! Please!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Eye contact 

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Took some time to reupholster an 30-ish year old stool today. It’s not in any way perfect, but I’ve never claimed to know anything about upholstery. I even reused the blue tufting nails, because I didn’t really want to recover them. 😅

A friend cut me a new seat, but didn’t use as thick of wood as I would have preferred, and got the screw hole position slightly wrong, so it’s not as stable as it was originally. It’s fine, & if it lasts me another 5-10 years, it’ll be all good.

Also, thanks to this toot, I learned that the Toot! iOS app makes it really easy to add alt text to images!

Unused journals are nothing new. My MIL recently gave me this one she picked in a resale/thrift shop. Perfect to keep on my cutting table for cutting notes.

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Here’s the real burn.
RT @netw3rk
I mean if student loan forgiveness really was a giveaway to the wealthy, we would’ve done it already

Another client/friend down. This morning, she confirmed her appointment for tomorrow, but wasn’t feeling well. Thought it was just allergies, but decided to get tested. Just called to reschedule for the 13th to give herself plenty of time to get passed contagious stage so as not to bring it to me.

Thankfully, she’s not as sick as she was last year. She was down for a full month and spent at least 1 day in the hospital.

I loaded MetaText on my iPad Tuesday and it worked beautifully. I could search instances, follow anyone I wanted, see home, local, and federated TLs. Yesterday it stopped loading completely, so now I’m using Toot! It’s not as all encompassing, but better than the Mastodon iOS app.

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Why I still wear and require masks in my shop…client just rescheduled a fitting tomorrow because she tested + yesterday, after her symptoms started late Saturday afternoon. She was likely contagious when she (masked) picked up an order on Thursday afternoon.

I really appreciate that she contacted me to reschedule instead of just coming in anyway. I also appreciate the quality hepa filter I always have running when the shop is open, clear shower curtains, and being vaccinated plus 2 boosters.

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Wow there’s a lot of people over here today. Maybe can finally get some traction on #knitting and #sewing discussions

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