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Still some of the best advice for programmers:

Don't be clever. Be obvious.

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pangola (extinct)
pangocello (extinct)
bass pangol (extinct)


(yes i did this gag on twitter a few years back but it feels like time to revive it, with an illustration this time!)

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my advice for creating stuff is just to make a shittier version of the thing you want to create. Then years later you will look back on it and realise you actually made the good version, you just didn't realise it at the time

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Ich habe 99 Probleme und sie sind alle Luftbalonnen.

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If Bezos folded on $15/hr, that means the number’s too low.

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"Google bosses have tried to contain the anger by shutting down employee access to documents about the China search engine. Following leaks from an all-hands staff meeting last month, sources said, the company has tightened rules so that employees working remotely can no longer view a livestream of the meetings on their own computers — they can only watch them inside a designated room at a Google office overseen by managers."

yeah that'll work

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Thinking about what I resent so much about Google attempting to erase http-only sites from the internet.

The barrier to entry: buying a cert, using it correctly, paying to renew it every 2 years: this was very difficult for regular humans before Let's Encrypt existed. It's still a PITA even with Let's Encrypt (I do not think this service is a long-term solution).


Well, this appears to be a wokring thing. Yay!

Life raft.

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